Let's Be Unreasonable

I’m not going to call them excuses. Because if I call them excuses you may shake your head and say, no, no, they are reasons.
Reasons not to start that novel right now: my room is too messy, and I need to figure out the ending first anyway.
Reasons not to exercise today: gym memberships are expensive, and I have a headache.
Reasons not to travel the world this year: I have to plan it all out first, and I have no one to go with.
To some they may sound like excuses (emergency exits out of your dreams), but no, I hear you, I understand that these are reasons. They are even good reasons.
But if we let reasons stop us now, then there will always be a reason to stop.
If we are always reasonable, then it will always be unreasonable to do the things that make us come alive.
Because swimming into dark, uncharted waters is technically crazy, just like writing a novel, starting a company, running for president, falling in love.
The chances of success are so small that it is unreasonable to think that we will succeed. But in the end, only the unreasonable ones among us do.
So today, right now, at this moment, let’s put our good reasons aside, and let’s be unreasonable.


  1. Great inspiring post. I just saw your Ted talk and I have to say the world needs more people like you.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for the encouragement, Alphonzen!

  3. Tania,

    What beautiful words!! I just found you in doing research for some writing I do for Nova Earth News. http://i-uv.com/project_category/lightworker/ (I wrote the article on David Lynch) I will send you the finished product. You can find my stuff at www.sophialove.org . I write several blogs myself. The pieces for this segment are about good works and uplifting projects, which describe your work perfectly.

  4. Thank you, Sophia. The work you do is deeply beautiful.

  5. Tania, here is the article! http://i-uv.com/portfolio/tania-luna-a-surprising-example/
    Much love,

  6. You are right when you say "But if we let reasons stop us now, then there will always be a reason to stop"