MISSION: contribute to a future where our definition of "community" includes all living things.

BIO: Tania is the cofounder of LifeLabs Learning, author of The Leader Lab and Surprisecohost of the podcast Talk Psych to Me, parter at Columbia University's eLab, and founder of Scarlet Moon Sanctuary.

  • LifeLabs Learning has helped over 350,000 people at the world’s most influential companies (including TED, Yelp, Tinder, Slack, Reddit) become more capable and compassionate leaders.

  • Talk Psych to Me blends humor and psychology to help people get better at being people.

  • eLab is an accelerator for entrepreneurs who increase equity and access in education.

  • Scarlet Moon is a non-profit that helps people help animals.

Tania is a researcher, educator, and advisor to startups that create alternatives to animal products. She writes for Psychology Today, Harvard Business Review, Faunalytics, and some other delightful places (like this web series). For some mysterious reason, her TED talk about her experience as a Ukrainian immigrant has over 1.8 million views.

Tania lives with rescued pigs, dogs, goats, a cat, and the love of her life. She does lots of things, but each is an attempt to give people research-backed and play-packed tools for being kinder to ourselves, each other, and all living beings.

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