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MY MISSION: help make a world where our definition of "community" includes all living beings.

BIO: Tania Luna is an entrepreneur, psychology researcher, and author of multiple books, including Lead Together: Stop Squirreling Away Power and Build a Better TeamShe is the founder of Scarlet Spark, a nonprofit that amplifies the effectiveness of animal advocacy organizations and co-founder of LifeLabs Learning, a leadership development company that helps thousands of people become more capable and compassionate leaders. She is the co-host of the podcast Talk Psych to MeTED speaker, and writer for Psychology Today. She also writes fiction, like this web series on Amazon Video.

Across her work, Tania strives to inspire interconnectedness among all living beings, humans included. She lives in a micro-sanctuary with rescued pigs, goats, dogs, roosters, cats, and the love of her life.

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