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Want to help your team, organization, or community learn how to lead together? Take advantage of the bulk order rewards below.

100% of proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Scarlet Spark, Tania's nonprofit dedicated to growing the power of organizations that help animals and our planet.

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Order 10+ books

When you order 10 or more books, you'll receive a free digital summary of all the key points from the book along with a discussion guide that makes it easier (and more fun) to explore and apply your takeaways from the book.

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Order 50+ books

When you order 50 or more books, you'll get the summary and discussion guide along with a video workshop to strengthen power-with skills for you and your team. Complete the course on your own or dig into live together.

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Order 100+ books

When you order 100 or more books, you'll get the summary, discussion guide, power-with workshop, and a virtual office hour with the author. Bring your questions, and leave with greater clarity and expertise.

To claim your bulk order reward, simply email your receipt to

For bulk order discounts, order from Porchlight books

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